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Where in the Brilz did Forrest go for UFC 114?

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Jason Brilz fighting Eliot Marshall, now against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

What's the bigger story? Brilz getting the fight or the ass on this guy?!

Ever since Forrest Griffin scooted out of the Octagon like Anderson Silva owed him money, the man who practically put the modern-day UFC on the map has been an enigma.

MMA Lifers know he has trained. We know he will make his comeback. We know he has been saying his prayers and taking his viter… wrong sport. Sorry.

Anywhoo, Forrest Griffin’s return to balls-out bashing has been long-awaited by many. And now, thanks to the news today (I saw the first tweet about it from Bleacher Report), we will be waiting even longer.

An injured shoulder has forced the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion to pull out of his match with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

I’m fairly certain air quotes should be inferred with injured shoulder because waiting on Forrest to come back at full strength has been a plight to say the least – and I’m a fan of his scrappy, tenacious attitude. Like he said, “I’m a dog. I fight. That’s what I do.”

I’m down, but where in the hell is he?

Ever since Rashad twisted his nipples and pounded Griffin from inside his guard, things have been a little shaky on Planet Forrest. And now he is plagued with a shoulder injury against what many believe to be the last shot for him to get back in title contention and in good graces with MMA fans.

So, while we all wait for Forrest’s triumphant return to the Octagon, I have one question: Who the hell is Jason Brilz?!

According to, this cat has a stout 18-2-1 record with 5 TKOs and 9 submissions. Seems well-grounded but um, you sure that was the only dude who would take Lil’ Nog on short notice? I believe Cagewriter Steve Cofield summarizes the MMA Nation’s confusion with this choice:

Griffin has wins over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and losses to Anderson Silva and Rashad Evans. Brilz has wins over Tim Boetsch and Eric Schafer, and his only UFC loss is to Eliot Marshall.

In other words, who the hell is Jason Brilz and why does he get a co-main event?

Jon Jones and Ryan Bader seem to be popular suggestions from the cheap seats, but no, we get stuck with a guy who needs a milk carton for recognition. Even a return to title contention match for Thiago Alves would have been welcomed, but bring on the Brilz.

I suppose something should be said for “What’s his fart” getting in the cage with Lil’ Nog, but anything is good if the fans get a first-round TKO, right?

Meanwhile, among the smattering of boos when Bruce Buffer introduces the “TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME” and brings on Mr. Brilz, there will be a few million people pondering, “Where is Forrest running now?”

For the sake of his career, the LHW division in UFC and my personal affinity, I hope not that far.


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