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UFC 113: Home of the rematch, revile and really nasty

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Machida versus Shogun in Montreal at UFC 113

A Shogun against a Dragon. You tell me?!

As with back in the day of pre-PPV pugilism, weigh-ins always carry a bit of drama.

Testosterone is overwrought with this juvenile angst that hasn’t been this bad since the town ho asked you to the prom. Boys just can’t control themselves, I suppose. Take Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. Remember this?

Mike grabs the goods and it’s on. Of course, one of the most famous weigh-ins with Ali and Sonny Liston gave one of the most famous catch phrases, “Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

Today’s weigh-in for UFC 113 | Machida V. Shogun 2 highlighted everything you want in a pre-fight confrontation – mean mugging, idle threats and candid discussion of bodily functions.

But more on that later.

This pay-per-view has the makings of a great card. A Shogun, a Dragon, a Belcher, a Predator, a Heathen, a Janitor… and what the hell is a Semtex anyway? Here’s the highlights and MMAniac’s musings:

1. The reverb – Cote v. Belcher

Don’t sleep here. This could be the ever-heralded “Fight of the Night” and the home town will go bananas. Why? Ever since UFC 90 and a knee surgery that shelved Patrick Cote, dude has angled to get back in the cage and show that he is more than a chin and punch.

And Belcher is nowhere close to being stupid. He knows about the knee, the layoff and the home crowd. He will work to knock Cote clean out and do it early. Both can submit. Both can bang. Both will fight balls out. Both wants the win. One has a rehabbed knee and the other knows how to kick the crap out of it.

MMAniac’s Submission: Belcher – Unanimous decision.

2. The really nasty – Kimbo v. Mitrione

Here’s the “more on that later” brought to you by Kimbo Slice.

Get that?

“I’m gonna thump. I’m banging with him,” Kimbo said of his upcoming fight with Matt Mitrione. “I’m gonna try to make him bleed, piss, fart, [expletive], throw up, burp, whatever the human body does.”

I get it. Two years ago, when Kimbo got punked on national TV, I would lost so much money if you were to tell me he would be on a UFC, Dana-White-promoted PPV. But there he is discussing pee-pee and the devil’s business right there on TV.

Since that fateful night, he has learned a ground game. He already has the cinder blocks attached to his wrists, the bravado you can’t buy and a beard I think could kick the ass of half of the people in Strikeforce. And if lands half a suplex like he did on my man, Houston Alexander… son!

However, “Meathead” has some quick hands… and good aim. Personally, I can’t stand the dude and laughed out loud when that slob took off his shirt at weigh-ins, but you can’t deny his – albeit rotten egg raw – skill.

This fight is going to go 0 – 100 in seconds but after the first round, it’s over. They will both pass out. Kimbo’s cardio is reminiscent of my father’s… and he’s 70. Mitrione – “Pro”-ish football or not would get gassed running down the block to the ice cream man.

MMAniac’s Submission: Kimbo, 2nd, TKO (probably through ground and pound)

Semtex and Kos staring each other down for UFC 113

These #$%&* are going to get ready to rumble!

3. The revile – Koscheck v. Daley

Make no mistake. These two will not exchange gifts at some random “White Elephant” during the holidays. Rather, they will yank the tusks out of the grill of said pachyderm and stab the other in the jugular.

It’s no secret that while Josh can knock a guy clean out (ask Yoshida about that), Daley has a pack of dynamite in his left hand.

Dude can flat-out mash; however, he will be wary of Koscheck taking this to the ground at the first sniff of tweeting birds.

He has a nice sprawl (ask Jake Shields) and MEMO to Kos: This guy ain’t Anthony Johnson.

This fight has to stay standing. As much as these two loathe each other, I’m certain neither Daley nor Koscheck would be thrilled with a split decision win. Also, there’s a clear “Who’s Next” moniker going to this one for a shot at GSP.

Oh, and then there’s this from Dana White via Twitter:

Gsp will be the next coach on the next season of tuf and the winner of kos and daley will be the other coach. Big fight for them sat nite!!!

Not that I can see Georges St. Pierre exchanging “Your Mama” jokes with either Koscheck or Daley, but MMA fans have been of good heart that the Welterweight icon would get on TUF 12. Now he’s there and either would be a nice counterpart.

However, I think Koscheck’s ego gets the best of him, he stays on his feet and gets knocked on his back.

MMAniac’s Submission: Daley, 3rd, KO

Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua stand off and stare down

Lyoto looks like he has a chip. He's going to need it.

4. The rematch – Machida v. Rua 2

Most of us are martial artists, I would presume. All of us are aficionados of a discipline. Machida is a master of both.

Some folk have a hard time telling the difference between a Lyoto Machida fight and a sleep with Prince Valium – both have the same effect. However, I love his game – his methodical approach, his calculated strikes, his unmistakable delivery.

That said, I hated his first defense. Although he came out and represented, we all saw why we loved Shogun in Pride so much. The man is a machine.

“Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges,” Dana White usually clamors.

And for good reason. Apparently, most of them have glaucoma. This was clearly evident with Rua lost the fight.

MMA fans were outraged and immediately demanded the rematch. Much to our delight, Dana White continued to be the people’s champion.

Here we are. Ready to rumble. It’s time. And all that mess.

You know the chess match is taking place and both will change how they approach this fight in comparison to last time. That is with one exception – Shogun will kick and kick and kick the living hell out of Machida’s legs. With no wheels, it’s hard for the Dragon to get rolling.

Lyoto knows this, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes this to the ground in the championship rounds and works a submission. After all, who is his little buddy? A big, nasty Spider.

In addition, I think the dealbreaker is not Anderson’s tutelage or Machida’s skill. Rather, it’s Dana White. This is a man who greeted Rua in the cage with accolades, “You won the fight.”

Although that was true by most accounts, it put a dragon-sized turd chip on the shoulder of Lyoto Machida. He’s pissed and he’s got something to prove. Don’t blink, but he will.

MMAniac’s Submission: Machida, 4th, TKO and still Light Heavyweight Champion

See you Sunday. I would say tomorrow night, but I have a feeling I will… well, I won’t be here, let’s just say that.


Did the Mayweather V. Mosley fight KO boxing for good?

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Money May beats Sugar Shane, stays unbeaten at 41-0

Sure Floyd was money, but was the cash the only thing? (Source: Ethan Miller/Getty via ESPN)

Although I am an avowed MMAniac, I give homage to the wrinkly old curmudgeon grandpappy of MMA that is boxing.

And Lord, have mercy, did that old geezer show his age with the Money May and Sugar Shane fight.

Don’t get me wrong, Floyd Mayweather winning 41 straight fights is no fluke. The guy is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of our generation. Possibly of all time.

But he could be so much more than that for a sport that so desperately needs it.

What could have been the coronation of the Sweet Science’s global ambassador ended up as a testament to what he is all about – Money May and the Cash Grab. Mayweather may have won by a decision, but the sport lost in so many ways by their own decisions this night.

The fight began with a walk through time chronicling champions of the past – Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Mike Tyson and the supreme fighter of all time, Mr. Muhammad Ali. (And for those who didn’t catch this boring crap, the applause Ali got when announced is spine chilling and heart warming.)

And it was downhill from there…

For starters, we lamented the musical stylings of Chris Brown, a man renowned for beating his woman and now singing the national anthem. At a boxing match?! Um, anyone besides my four-year-old daughter not see the clear lack of intelligence with this pick here?

Then, Mosley skips to his lou (Lou, being business partner Oscar de la Hoya standing in the ring) and comes out to “Till I Collapse” by Eminem. Again, omen anyone? The guy was gassed within four rounds. I thought he was about call an oxygen tank to his corner for support.

Not to be outdone, Mayweather files a tax return in the back while a 21-gun salute clamors to the tunes of “Money, Money, Money.” by the O’ Jays. Classic song. Typical choice.

Rounds 1 – 3 were nice. Mosley tripped a couple of times, probably still reeling from all the Geritol he swigged in his dressing room. Mayweather lands a couple of great combinations and looks as elusive as ever. I’m thinking we have a fight as I am feverishly writing some notes to what I believe is going to be a masterful blog entry.

Soon after, my eyes are heavy, my mouth is slightly open with an oozing of drool and I see cute, tiny cherubs circling overhead. In other words, that insomnifest was oh so boring. At the merciful end of 11 rounds, Floyd Mayweather won a unanimous decision.

Oh, and Strikeforce called, they want all their damn people back who crowded that ring. Sheesh.

What did we learn from all this pomp and circumstance? Check out yesterday’s post about Dana White’s snub in the Time 100 and you will get a clue.

Boxing is dead, and the only person who could have possibly resurrected the thing barely did enough to get his pulse above 130. To wit, all Mayweather had to say about not even sniffing a KO was:

“I wanted to give the fans what they wanted to see, a toe-to-toe battle,” said Mayweather, who has been criticized for fighting too defensively. “It wasn’t the same style for me but I wanted to be aggressive and I knew I could do it.”

The real battle was boxing trying to hold on to its purist fans and not allow MMA to roll it over with what appears to be another sweet card as Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua get ready to get down at UFC 113.

Is Boxing Dead?

That sound you hear is "Taps" blowing. Softly.

MEMO to the Pure Pugilists: Boxing is about as ugly as Mike Tyson’s face ink. It’s dead. Put it out to pasture. Make some glue out of it. It’s okay.

We martial artists and MMA fans salute you. Although there is still one last glimmer of life with Pacquiao, without a demanding blood and whizz test, that glimmer is about to spark away.

Then what? Boxing has nothing to watch – no heavyweights or middleweights (always the life source of the sport). No big time promoters. Hell, if it wasn’t for the great Freddie Roach, boxing would have no notable people left.

What began in ancient Greece has ended in modern Vegas. The “Eye of the Tiger” clearly has Glaucoma or Cataracts. And even Rocky knew when to quit.

Man, it’s too bad “The Contender” was about as done as Mosley was after one round. Boxing sure could use something like… well, “The Ultimate Fighter” perhaps?

And so it begins.

Written by MMAniac

May 2, 2010 at 12:53 am